23 April 2011

Moved to Tumblr

You can still find my silly ramblings here.

08 September 2010

Scott Pilgrim: The Game

I never got into Anamanaguchi.  But now that they've done the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim: The Game, I changed my mind.  They should just make a career of making awesome soundtracks to awesome videogames...suits them better.  I love "Another Winter" and "Party Stronger".

thank you for that

some comforting words I found in my Pacific Northwest trip from a building in Chinatown, Vancouver.

18 August 2010

Empire of the Sun = AWESOME

Remember when I said Empire of the Sun is a fun and funny band awhile ago?  I still stand by it, but I will add that they are also FABULOUSLY EPIC:

I saw them live last week at LA's The Music Box, which unfortunately doesn't feature as amazing of a stage but still delivers a spectacular performance to a fortunately smaller audience than the video above.  If you want to see most of the dazzling costumes that were worn by the band and backup dancers during the live shows, simply peruse the band's music videos.  I kind of hate myself for thinking this when I saw the show, but I can't help drawing comparisons to Lady Gaga.

So the lead singer goes by Emperor Luke Steele, which is amazing because he is the perfect mix of Luke Skywalker and Blue Steel.  He's a bizarre guy.

30 June 2010

last rave of her life?

i want to feel bad for this girl and blame EDC promoters and security for not doing their job.  but no matter how much i want to, i just can't.
i wonder what she'll tell her grandkids when they ask how she got her scars.
if you click on the link below the picture, you can watch videos of people seriously hurting themselves as they jump off fences or try to squeeze through narrow pathways to get into the most raging part of the rave.  we either have this group of raver teens or the bieber teens.  i'm not hopeful about our future.